Ghar Jaisi Hi Namkeen


Samrat Namkeen Private Limited, prestigiously known as ‘Samrat Namkeen’, developed into a popular snack foods’ brand that provides total vegetarian packaged food commodities over the years. The Company offers a variety of snacks to customers of India and worldwide.

With the increase in demand for snack foods, Samrat Namkeen has ensured the consistent of world-class approved quality products.


Industry Oriented

Enabling Ecosystem for Food and Health through Digital Innovation and Respecting Tradition and Culture.


100% Vegetarian

The mission of Samrat Namkeen is to facilitate serving food and snacks using pure vegetarian ingredients.


100% Tasty & Crispy

We are ensuring to satisfy your craving for something Crispy and Crunchy.
Pure, Tasty & Crispy Food appeals a whole new sensory quality to food, habituating to its flavour & making it more and more delicious as you consume it.


100% Authentic Spices

Made with 100% Authentic Spices & Ingredients Every day, Samrat Namkeen delivers the snacks with a Rich Source Of Energy.

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We specialise in intelligent & effective Search and believes in the power of partnerships to grow business. We use agronomic machine learning, remote sensing.